Claims Process

Personal Accident

All claims should be referred to Dan Carter ( at Motorsport UK in the first instance.

To obtain a claims form, please contact Dan Carter at the address below:

Dan Carter 
Motorsport UK 
Motor Sports House
Riverside Park
Colnbrook Slough

Public Liability

In the event of any accident involving injury to a spectator or official, or damage to third party property, a full report must be made to Motorsport UK as soon as possible. There must be no discussions or correspondence whatsoever regarding the incident other than to confirm that the facts are being reported to Motorsport UK. Delay in reporting could result in the Insurer's refusal to deal with a claim if their position has been prejudiced by delayed notification or by settlement or commitment having been made.

In the unlikely event of an injury being fatal, this report must be made by telephone at the earliest possible opportunity. These requirements also apply to serious or fatal accidents to competitors.

Motorsport UK's Liability Insurers are:

Liberty Mutual Insurance, Claims Department, 20 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3AW

All other types of claim

It is essential that you notify JLT Sport on 0845 337 2446 immediately of any claim. It is also important not to admit liability or discuss the matter with a third party. JLT Sport staff will guide you through the claims process