Risk management process in UK motor sport

The Annual Competitors' and Officials' Yearbook or "Blue Book" provides clear guidelines to all participants in UK motor sport about managing risk. These regulations assist in creating and maintaining a level playing field throughout the sport and most importantly manage the inherent risks in any motorsport activity.

The following provides a direct link to the regulations contained with the 2011 Competitors' and Officials' Yearbook for your event by type and status. Prior to staging any event you should identify, consult and agree rules and safety requirements commensurate with your event.

(D) Specific Regs - Autotests (Adobe PDF) 

(E) Specific Regs - Autocross Rallycross (Adobe PDF) 

(F) Specific Regs - Cross Country (Adobe PDF) 

(G) Specific Regs - Car Racing (Adobe PDF) 

(H) Specific Regs - Rallying (Adobe PDF) 

(I) Specific Regs - Sprints Hill Climbs Drag Racing (Adobe PDF) 

(J) Specific Regs - Trials (Adobe PDF) 

(K) Specific Regs - Karting (Adobe PDF) 

In addition the 2011 Competitors' and Officials' Yearbook provides advice in key areas such as: 

1. The role of key officials: 

  • Clerk of Course 
  • Stewards 
  • Marshalls 

2. Safety guidelines in key areas: 

  • Participant 
  • Safety Spectator 
  • Safety Paddock / Service Area Safety

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