The structure of the sport

The Competitors' and Officials' Yearbook provides useful information concerning the structure of British motorsport. 

For further information click on the attached link: Background to the Regulations


FIA (Fédération Internationale de L'Automobile) 

The International Federation of recognised Automobile clubs.

The Code (Code Sportif International)

International Sporting Code of the FIA.

ASN (National Sporting Association)

Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association

A national automobile club or other national body recognised by The FIA ot the CIK-FIA as sole holder of sporting power in a country. In the UK this is Motorsport UK (or Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association, to give its full title)

MSC (Motor Sports Council)

This is the Sporting Commission of Motorsport UK which makes the rules governing motor sport and is responsible, amongst other things, for ensuring the regulation of safety within the sport

  • Has a 24 member Council
  • 8 specialist motor sport committees
  • 5 specialist motor sport sub-committees
  • 5 advisory panels
  • Involves over 200 volunteers
  • Publishes the "Regulations" (i.e the British Motor Sports Competitors' and Officials' Yearbook, or "Blue Book". 
CLUB (Any body recognised by Motorsport UK as a club)

A club authorised by Motorsport UK to promote and organise motor sporting events in the UK. 

The following "rules" apply:

  • Minimum 25 members for initial registration (Background to Regulations, 30)
  • Start organising events restricted to club members plus invited clubs (A17 - 22)
  • Upgrade to National B
  • Upgrade to National A
  • Upgrade to International status
  • Must obtain organising permit from the Motorsport UK