Europe's gas challenge - Sourcing Europe's future supplies

13 February 2014

Out of the Blue is a regular newsletter which aims to harness the expertise and knowledge of JLT to provide a unique insight into some industry's less explored areas.

Main features in this issue:

Europe's gas challenge - Sourcing Europe's future supplies

While the 20th century energy landscape was dominated by oil and coal, natural gas is now in its ascendency and is predicted to be the world's most consumed fossil fuel by around 2050. This rise will be felt most keenly in Europe, where gas has offered a number of significant advantages over the last three decades.

Examining the role of PRI Insurance in the Energy sector

Traditionally, the energy community has viewed political and security risks as just part and parcel of investing and operating abroad. It goes without saying that operating in a highly politicised sector will inevitably force energy companies to confront challenges rooted in country risk; such as unpredictable government interference, changing legislative and fiscal regimes, cancellation or suspension of concession licences and political violence.

Examining anti-bribery and corruption challenges in the oil and gas industry

For the oil & gas sector, compliance with anti-bribery and corruption legislation has historically been a key focus area for risk and compliance officers. In this article for Out of the Blue, Jay Singh, the Risk Officer for the Energy and Marine divisions at JLT Specialty, highlights some of the challenges that were raised at Inside Intelligence Energy's "Anti-Corruption in Oil & Gas" conference, hosted in November 2013.

This issue also includes...

  • Smart Power Systems - 2020 and beyond
  • About JLT and Global Service
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