Global Insurance products and services

We know the global insurance market inside out, from the local markets to the strengths of its key players. Our focus is managing the administration of your global insurance strategy. By collaborating with insurers, we structure the placement of policies effectively, efficiently and, most importantly, to ensure they meet local compliance legislation

How do our solutions work?

We look after the smallest details to ensure your insurance arrangements work cost effectively wherever you operate. You receive an accurate picture of all your insurance requirements and placements at a local level. Country by country you are updated on changes in insurance legislation and advised on how any changes could impact on your business. Our team can also carry out a global insurance review to ensure there are no duplications or gaps in your protection. Our review also makes sure your insurance programme is fully compliant in every region.

Our products and services include:

Global Programme Management

  • Central point of co-ordination
  • Reinforce your insurance strategy
  • Premium and tax allocation.

Local Programme Management

  • Eyes and ears of the Insurance/Risk Management Department
  • Control over local spending
  • Local advice and compliance.

Data Collection and Collation

  • Allows insurance/risk manager to concentrate on renewal strategy
  • Bespoke system collects data in a consistent format enabling high quality management information 
  • Manual of data 

Fronting Tenders

Identifying the insurers who match a client's global spread and service requirements, and ensuring only those insurers with the right capabilities can participate.

  • Entirely project-managed
  • Regular communication and shared updates.

Global Insurance Review

  • Supporting compliance objectives
  • Increased client control
  • Potential to reduce costs
  • Template for local insurance registers 
  • Enhances implementation of group/regional insurance buying strategies within a global strategy.

Ad-hoc advice

  • Helpline for all queries relating to insurance on a global basis, including admitted/non-admitted cover
  • Assistance with due diligence projects
  • Training on technical and strategic issues.

For further information, please contact Wendie Le Vey, Partner, Global Service Risk Practice on +44 (0)207 558 3407