Risk Consulting

JLT Specialty’s Risk Consulting team provides high quality, fee-based risk management and corporate governance consultancy services

Why our clients value us?

Working across all sectors and disciplines, our services are fully aligned with our clients' requirements, delivering an enhanced service through our consultative approach. As a team, we combine internal expertise with external strategic partnerships. Once we understand our clients’ specific risk issues, we are uniquely positioned to provide tailored risk solutions. 

We offer our clients

  • A firm understanding of your specific risk issues to create bespoke solutions to best fit your business objectives. 
  • A risk consulting model focused on understanding your needs first, then building a team to deliver the best specialist advice. 
  • A fast and proactive response to tackle the risk issues you face, utilising our flexible network of partners 

What we do 

All our services are designed to improve your risk controls and, in turn, reduce your insurance premiums. Our services encompass four core areas: 

  • Corporate governance 
  • Assets and revenue protection 
  • Analytical services 
  • Health and safety management. 

We deliver our risk consulting services across two key disciplines: 

  • Risk advisory 
  • Risk control. 

Our expertise 

Our Risk Consulting team comprises highly qualified specialists with unrivalled experience in their fields. Working with a worldwide client base, our consultants understand the wide range of challenges businesses can face and can shape solutions to help our clients manage their risks more effectively. We provide each client with: 

  • A dedicated risk consulting team, which extends as your risk management needs develop 
  • Leading, industry-focused expertise, which enables us to focus on developing innovative solutions and products for our clients. 

Why work with us

We can help you identify and address all areas of business risk. Our expert team can also benchmark business performance against your peers and provide best practice advice to help to develop your risk management culture. 

Client benefits

It is the way we deliver our service, which makes JLT Specialty an indispensable part of your team. As a client, you benefit from our: 

  • Risk consulting solutions, which support the insurance procurement process 
  • Approach to help maximise policy coverage, optimise retention levels, achieve competitive premiums and improve claims performance 
  • Highly qualified team offering the experience, knowledge and skills required to enable you to meet risk-related challenges. 

For further information, please contact Tim Cracknell, Partner, Specialty Property & Casualty on +44 (0)20 7558 3941 or email Tim_Cracknell@jltgroup.com