World Risk Review

WRR is JLT’s proprietary country risk ratings platform, which provides risk ratings across 9 insurable perils for 197 countries. 

These perils include: expropriation; contractual agreement repudiation; legal & regulatory risks; currency inconvertibility; sovereign credit risk; country economic risk; strikes, riots & civil commotion; terrorism and war & civil war. At the heart of WRR are our country risk ratings, which are generated by a proprietary algorithm-based modelling system incorporating 277 separate indicators. 

Ratings are updated monthly and provide a forecast of the risk environment in the short to medium term. For each peril, countries are scored on a 0.1 – 10.0 scale. 0.1 represents the lowest risk score, whereas 10.0 is the highest risk score. 

The nine peril indices provided by WRR mirror the insurance market’s approach to political and security risk.

Via the platform clients can: 

  • Benchmark the risk environment in those countries of interest to them
  • Compare and contrast the risk environment within a country across all perils 
  • Assess historical risk trends and benchmark the risk environment across multiple countries
  • Extract the data and graphics generated by WRR to create succinct and bespoke reports; WRR’s format promotes clarity for board level discussion on exposure to risk and whether insurance is needed. 

The WRR ratings provide our brokers with an enhanced understanding of their clients’ shifting insurance and risk management requirements. Within the Credit, Political & Security (CPS) risks division, the in-house Analytics team uses WRR to inform qualitative analysis on country and political risk. This facilitates the writing of bespoke reports for clients, providing expert insight into their risk exposure across a portfolio of countries.


World Risk Review