Violent political risk comes in many forms: strikes, riots and civil commotion, sabotage and terrorism, along with wider forms of political violence such as insurgency, rebellion, revolution, coup d’ état, war and civil war and the consequences vary depending on the drivers for your concern:

  • Contracts could be disrupted
  • Investments may suffer impairment or even need to be abandoned
  • People (arguably the most complex of all) may be caught up in events, think terrorist attacks or mass demonstrations and civil commotion leading to a breakdown of law and order often in locations where little faith can be placed in local infrastructure and resources. A surge in criminal activity can go hand-in-hand with this (extortion, illegal detention, kidnap etc.). The security risk  section goes into more detail on this
  • Property may be damaged or access limited and, if you depend on the public, footfall may drop off. Business interruption is a certainty. The security risk section goes into more detail on this.
  • Individual business circumstances are always very different and your insurance needs to deal with this. The insurance market addresses these types of violence across various practice areas depending on the subject matter insured. However JLT is the only broker to position the required specialist expertise in one place: CPS.

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