Cyber Insurance and Cyber Risk Management

We can help deliver bespoke cyber risk management and cyber liability insurance solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Today’s cyber risk environment is multi-dimensional, with the impacts from attacks taking many different forms, including data protection breaches, theft of intellectual property (IP), property damage, business interruption and reputational damage to name a few. Business costs have risen sharply as a result.

Cyber risks are no longer ‘emerging’. In fact, they are now one of the pre-eminent challenges facing businesses today. Not only are attacks becoming more frequent, but their scope and sophistication are escalating. Is your business prepared for a cyber-attack?

Cyber Risks by Industry

JLT’s cyber team has considerable experience in collaborating with clients in a range of industries to identify their key cyber risks before addressing how they can be covered in the insurance market. Click on the icons below to find out more.


Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is offered in a modular format and provides both first and third party coverage.

First Party Cover       Third Party Cover

Global team committed to delivery

We support clients providing cyber risk insurance wherever and whenever they need us across the globe from well-resourced hubs shown below.

Global Team

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Cyber risk is a rapidly evolving area that impacts business operations across industries and within organisations.

JLT’s cyber risk consortium is a unique collaboration of leading companies across the software, hardware, advisory, consulting, and legal industries that effectively support clients around their strategic, operational, financial, and people issues impacted by cyber risk.

The consortium brings together content, best practices, and subject matter experts to collaborate and solve cyber risk.

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