Jacinth - Client Service Portal

Jacinth is JLT’s exclusive aviation client service portal which provides our clients with online access to all their insurance certification, documentation, fleet, claims and security risk information 24/7.

All of our administrative and technical work is fully supported by Jacinth. The Jacinth portal is a valuable tool in the effective account management of our clients insurance programmes and allows us to provide proven levels of service and reduced response timeframes.

Jacinth makes available to our clients a number of individual modules including:


Key benefits of Jacinth include:

  • A central and convenient location from which you can access all your insurance documentation / certification
  • View and/or manage your insured aircraft fleet online
  • Access to your latest claims information, reports and correspondence
  • Customisable claims management reporting tool
  • View your claims procedures manual and emergency information in a convenient app
  • 24/7 access to all documents and modules from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone

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