Cargo products and services

Our formidable expertise ensures that we are experts in designing custom-made programs to meet clients’ specific needs, and we are committed to providing superior daily technical, broking and service support to our clients

How do our solutions work?

Our specialists develop programs and solutions, which offer the optimum in cost, coverage and financial security. In the event of a claim, our dedicated Claims Team rigorously manage the process and keeps the client fully informed throughout its duration.

Our cargo products include:

  • Global cargo programmes
  • Interned-based global servicing platforms
  • Stock throughput policies 
  • Binding authorities
  • Bespoke commodity policies
  • Program facilities
  • Excess stock policies
  • Capacity coinsurance
  • Project cargo and marine delay in start-up
  • Trade disruption
  • War risks and terrorism
  • Specialist claims services. 

For further information, please contact Gordon Longley, Head of Cargo on +44 (0)20 7466 6555

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