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With over 30 dedicated specialists, JLT Specialty’s Fine Art, Jewellery and Specie team work in partnership with their clients to find solutions that deliver exactly what they need. 

The team answer a series of frequently asked questions. Contact us if you would like to discuss any of these questions and answers in more detail.


An all risks policy may be extended to provide contingent coverage if you are not reimbursed in 60 days. Cover applies in the possession of logistic carriers, couriers, contractors or other specified parties.

Your insurance broker can advise you on local jurisdiction requirements and facilitate the required insurance programme to ensure you are compliant with local insurance practices.

It may be possible to extend your Jewellers’ Block policy to include ‘No Show Contingency’ cover which would indemnify you for loss incurred due to the cancellation, abandonment or relocation of a planned event.

It may be possible to either extend your current Jewellers’ Block policy, or buy standalone cover for ‘Processing Risk’ to insure an item whilst it is being worked on.

A well designed all risks policy would provide cover for loss of use of your cash, even though it has not been permanently lost. Clauses within the policy can be designed to allow for the claims payment whilst the cash is being used as evidence during a policy investigation. This clause allows you to pay your customer, enabling insurers to pursue the recovery of the cash following payment of your claim.

A well designed transit policy would cover confiscation by government officials after 60 days. This enables you to continue with your business and fulfil any obligations you have to your customers. Insurers will take over subrogation rights to pursue the recovery of the metals from the customs authority.

Your policy should provide all risks coverage for drying and clean-up expenses. This coverage can be specifically added to your programme, and the clause will pay for any clean-up costs to enable the cash and precious metals to be cleaned up and put back into circulation or back on warrant.

Your all risks cover should allow for a claim to be automatically triggered 60 days past delivery due date. This wording can be specifically written into your policy. The 60 days has to occur to allow for enough time to determine the goods have been physically lost as part of the missing flight. This also allows you to manage any expectations that your client may have, in terms of delivery of the cargo and to allow for the replacement of the goods.

This is a standard exclusion on most placements but we will include an element of this cover as standard.

Coverage for confiscation and seizure can be purchased as an additional level of coverage through one of our extensions.

Defective title coverage with substantial limits is standard in our contracts.



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