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A large Pan European real estate fund manager with assets under management in excess of €4bn

We were appointed in 2010 and inherited an insurance programme with varying insurance carriers, renewal dates and basis of coverage across 13 European territories. Following detailed discussions with the individual fund managers, we improved a group insurance programme with a standard broader basis of coverage, lower premium cost and common renewal date with an agreed panel of insurers.

In addition, we negotiated a significant risk management fund to be made available by the insurers, to be utilised on the robust risk management strategy designed and managed by JLT. Over a 5 year period we retained the appointment and installed a JLT member of staff to act as in-house risk and insurance manager (at no cost to the client), reducing client exposures and reducing premium levels by a further 50%. Our client team have worked closely with the risk and insurance manager, providing day to day broker services in each territory, co-ordinated by JLT London and including Mergers and Acquisitions services on both single asset and portfolio acquisitions and disposals.


A large Global Fund/Investor with assets under management in excess of £7bn

We secured the client’s business in 2010 and reviewed and improved an insurance programme for the client for their assets at risk in Europe, Asia and North America. The programme structure and policy review included a full risk financing structure resulting in the client utilising a captive arrangement, enabling them to participate in the underwriting of and the subsequent profitability of their insurance programme.

Similar to client A, a full range of services are provided by our local offices co-ordinated from London to the client including electronic systems/portal to capture and disseminate insurance and risk data across all the clients global interests, whilst also acting as a library of all insurance related documents and procedures to the UK client contact.


A large privately owned Pan-European real estate fund manager with €3.5bn of assets under management

We were appointed by the new start-up in 2009 following a broker tender and have worked with the client since that time managing all of their insurance and risk management requirements through their early growth and subsequent acquisition and disposal strategies.

The client has assets under management in nine territories across Europe, with the majority of assets currently being located outside the UK. For assets in Germany in particular, we have negotiated enhanced terrorism cover through our specialist facility in London, which has secured wider coverage, lower deductible levels and premium savings in comparison to the local Extremus offering.

In line with clients A&B, we provide all services through our established local offices, coordinated from here in London, and have been involved in significant Mergers and Acquisitions service provision helping in the acquisition and disposal of a number of portfolios, providing the client with preferential bid status on target assets and also zero retained liabilities to funds post disposal.

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